The World’s Top Luxury Brand Awards: Winner is Louis Vuitton!

Every beautiful and rich person’s best friend are not diamonds, but the brand Louis Vuitton. Anyone who is worth his or her salt in the realm of glamour or luxury would have craved to own something by Louis Vuitton. Now, it turns out that Louis Vuitton has been ranked as the top luxury brand on Interbrand’s 100 “Best Global Brands“. Other brands that were in the list of 100 are Gucci (#44), Hermes (#69), Tiffany & Co. (#76), Cartier (#77), Armani (#95), and Burberry¬† (#100).

It is voted as on one of the best companies to work at, and considering the heritage and history that the company has, you could be pretty sure that there can’t be a doubt as to why this company has been voted the best. Incidentally, Louis Vuitton stands 16 on the entire list.

Hence, luxury brands seem not to be represented well in the list. Perhaps, it just shows that even amongst the larger companies, luxury brands hold a nominal position of being at the top for all the right or wrong reasons. Luxury automobiles were categorized separately and Mercedes-Benz won the 12th place on the list and BMW won the 15th place.

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