Lasy Solar Gives You the Liberty to Laze Around In the Sun

Now this is a perfect example of making hay while the sun shines, could you ever imagine that your sun bed could store solar power? Well, needless to say a super yacht accessory has now been devised to take care of the needful, thanks to LMV Design Technology Ltd.

Lasy Solar is the name of this accessory and if you go by the name, it actually gives you the scope to ‘laze’ around while it stores the solar energy. This is a self positioning bed that needs no extra power supply, the two lithium batteries at the base of this bed get all their energy from the sun. This feature makes is a viable option for use even in deserts.

This circular lounger has been churned out by the crème designers in LMV Design Technology Ltd. It has a diameter of 3.2 meters and thus you won’t miss your king size bed when you are on it. It gets even better, you can position this bed by the touch of a button or let it decide the position for you, as its sensors can automatically position it according to the position of the sun. It can grace your private yacht at € 98,000, you can also customize it according to your needs.

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