Three Wheeled Piaggio Converted into Camper for One

Professional designing can surprise you very often. You can not believe how much can be done in how little a space. Cornelius Cormanns, the German industrial has come up with a similar surprise design. He has very skillfully converted a three wheeled Piaggio into a small camper suitable to meet the requirements a single individual.

The minimalist construction is based on the existing Piaggio APE 50 three wheeled light transport vehicle. This model was chosen for its economic and fuel efficiency benefits as it suited the concept very well. The original concept behind the project is to offer absolute flexibility during periods of travel. Be as light as possible, as economical as possible and yet provide for the requirement of a single individual. Apart from APE 50 some structural components which are more complex has also been used from the original Piaggio model.

The designer while talking about his motivation to create this vehicle said that his aim was to make it possible for the people to better understand the country, the surrounding. He said that the vehicle allows you to travel and move around in an easygoing and spontaneous way and yet staying with you as a base camp.

Via: CribCandy , DesignBoom

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