Yelken Octuri Brings Out One of the Loveliest Seaplane Design

I must admit that when I saw the picture of this seaplane, I had my mouth open in sheer amazement. It is undoubtedly the most beautiful seaplane I have ever seen, and I am sure that is the case with you as well. This cool concept seaplane is the creation of designer Yelken Octuri.

He was inspired by the design of the Maltese falcon and create compartments on each side of the mast to store in the sails. This stunning design by Octuri was recently showcased at Paris’ Air and Space Museum. This concept boat is actually a trimaran sailing yacht that will boast of four engines. This yacht also comes with four mobile masts. These four masts are transformed into wings when the sails are retracted. There are two main decks, a lower one and an upper one.

The lower deck is accompanied by a galley and the main salon. The upper deck on the other hand is accompanied by the three main cabins. Definitely a lovely concept, which I would definitely love to see someone take up, and materialize into reality. Kudos to Yelken Octuri for coming up with such a beautiful piece to adorn the nautical world.

Via: CNN

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