The Auto Inspired V8 Hotel in Stuttgart a Paradise for Every Car Enthusiast

There is no dearth of car enthusiasts out there who verge on obsession when it comes to their favourite wheels. Many kids have their bedrooms decorated in automobile themes. Well maybe not so many. But it seems that there is somebody in Stuttgart who is probably very much in love with cars so as to open a car-themed hotel.

Yes, you don’t have to head to Las Vegas to see these unique themed places. The hotel that I am talking about is called the V8 Hotel, which boats of “automotive rooms”. There is a whole range to choose from like the AutoKino that is designed like a drive-in movie and features a Caddy bed. Then there is the V8 Camp outdoors-themed room that comes with a swing, the Racing featuring manufacturer logos and racers at the track.

One can also try out the Werkstatt room, which features a garage that has a Morris and mechanic’s legs, or the Carwash which features old Benz with spinny-brushesthe Nostalgie that looks like a junkyard, the Tankstelle, which is resembles a gas. There is also something for the motorcycle enthusiasts. The V8 offers a motorcycle room based on the out-west Route 66. Quite interesting I must say.

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