Le Boat Ushers in Eco-friendly Yachts

Le boat has unveiled its latest collection of Le Boat 1500 Series, which has a bevy of exquisite yachts all set to change the face of the boating industry. These yachts have been built by the much celebrated yacht builders, Group Beneteau to let its customers have the pleasure of a tranquil ride in the pristine waters of Europe.

Le Boat 1500 series primarily has three models namely, 8+, 6+ and 4+ with features which can easily give other yachts of its league a run for their money. The best feature of these yachts is the eco- friendly motor that raises the least amount of smoke and keeps the environment green. Another great quality of this engine is its zero noise, which would make it a big hit amongst people who value silence.

The six solar panels supply green energy to the battery bank in the boat and thus enable the boat to have a successful cruising even on dark cloudy days. Volkswagen Marine has built its eco-friendly engine, which has extremely low CO2 emissions. Joystick steering system employed in these yachts makes all the heavy-lifting obsolete; these yachts can twist and turn at the order of your pinkie. They will be available in most of the prominent European countries by 2011.


via: marketwatch

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