Karim Rashid Designs Limited Edition soda Maker for Soda Stream

It seems easy to associate Karim Rashid with bubbles because they seem to be a natural match. Karim always comes up with colorful designs. He loves colors and generally uses them well in his popular designs. His designs for Veuve Clicquot was very well received by one and all and appreciated by the experts in the field.

Karim Rashid has partnered Soda stream this time to come up with some thing bubbly again. He has designed a soda maker for them. The new Karim Rashid Genesis  soda maker will be released in a limited edition only. Soda Stream has decided to release only 250 units for the markets in the US. Bloomingdale is the preferred channel partner for the product as it will be available exclusively at Bloomingdales. The most positive aspect about the home soda makers is that they use neither batteries nor electricity.

An average family can save over two thousand bottles or cans each year if they use a home soda maker. Karim Rashid said in his press release that he was honored to work with Soda Stream to create a machine that had this kind of impact on the world and its environment. The bubbly colored soda maker sells for $129.99 with two carbonating bottles and a reusable carbonator filled with CO2.

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