Dunya Yachts Unveil the Notoriously Cool Red Square

Russia was not built in a day, just like Rome was not. In fact, it took many millions of bones and lives to construct the magnificent buildings that dot the cities of this once communist country that not only suffered under its own communist oppression, but also enticed other countries to follow the route of communist oppression.

At least, the nightmare seems to have watered down to a pseudo-capitalist socialist regime that revels in its money making machinery. Now, inspired by the Red Square of Moscow, Dunya Yachts have launched the latest luxury super yacht called Red Square. It is an opulent 236-foot cruiser that questions the very idea of communist poverty of aesthetics.

It would have enough room for 12 guests and crew. Some of the features of the yacht are contemporary furnishings, red teak floors, three open decks and a series of inner cabin rooms. There is no information about the price or availability as of now, but you could be pretty sure that one of the extravagant Russian billionaires would have already bought it off, even before its price would be announced.

Via: The Coolist

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