Lavish Chelsea Wedding Turn the Clintons Notorious

The Clintons, who preach the whole world how important it is to save money have gone ahead and decided to break all the limits of extravagance. Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of Hillary and Bill Clinton is set to get married to Marc Mezvinsky, an investment banker (read, lot of money). The marriage will take place this Saturday at a private estate north of Manhattan.

The cost of the wedding is supposed to be somewhere between $3 million and $5 million. With 500 guests coming in, it means each guest would be worth $6,000 on that day. You could expect to see a guest list of 500 A-list celebrities, politicians and socialites, a gourmet dinner, exquisite place settings, amped up security and lavish interiors.

Chelsea is getting married in a state where marriage equality doesn’t exist and considering the amount her parents would be spending on her marriage, it would be a total waste for they sure wouldn’t remain married for more than a few months, I tell ya! It is always entertaining to see the wise old men and women of Washington D.C. lose their wits sometimes.

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