Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie buy a villa in Italy

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have put aside all the rumours about their supposed split. How? Well, buying a multi-million dollar home together kinda does that. Where is this dream home of theirs? It is in Italy. The place seems to have become a favourite for celebrity couples these days. Their new house is a Palladian style villa in Valpolicella, Verona Hills.

Alexander Proto of Alexander Consulting Proto tells us that it is a 2000 square metres house, divided into 15 rooms, a large living area, a kitchen, and seven bathrooms. The cost of it all? A whopping 32 million Euros. But I guess it wont make a big hole in the pockets of this rich and famous couple. Brangelina wanted a special home for spending their summers, and they zeroed in on this property after rejecting several others. And Alexander says that their choice is really good, as he calls it a simple yet sophisticated home.

With so many rooms, plus two pools, a cinema, gym, and what not, I wouldn’t call it simple, but it does sound quite sophisticated. It was probably the privacy that this place could offer, made the couple like this place even better. Well, congratulations to the couple on their new home.


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