Andy Warhol’s Black Turtleneck on Sale for $15,000

Celebrity clothing has become a segment in itself and it is witnessing a lot of activity lately. There is some sort of a boom in the segment and the latest to hit the market is a black turtleneck that belonged to the famous artist Andy Warhol. Perhaps it will give a boost to the men’s clothes market who are never able to match the prices of women’s dresses. Women’s dresses in certain cases are able to command prices in the range of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

$15,000 is nowhere near it but at least it is a good beginning. Paul Fraser Collectibles is selling Warhol’s turtleneck cashmere sweater. There are several photographs that show him wearing the black turtleneck. The Halston sweater is priced at 9,950 British Pounds or $14,925.

Another interesting fact about Andy Warhol that has come out is that he not just collected jewelry but even liked to wear his glittering jewelry under his black sweater. Paul Fraser Collectibles has chosen the right celebrity as Warhol’s art works fetch stratospheric prices in auctions and there are fans of his work the world over. His humble sweater is bound to generate a lot of interest amongst the fans and at just under $15,000 it will be grabbed very fast.

Via: Luxist

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