Elite Estate: Rush Limbaugh Sells House for a Great Price

Most politicians try not to exhibit their wealth for they need to appear humble and virtuous in front of their voters. However, some of them don’t even try to pretend and one such person is Rush Limbaugh. He is known for his obnoxious statements and attitudes and he is also known for his utterly grossly decorated mansion in New York, which was recently listed for sale.

The house has finally been sold with all its buffoonery that was touted as decorations. Mr. Limbaugh’s 10-room condominium comes with four terraces overlooking Central Park at East 86th Street and also a living room that has a fireplace. He got a little under $12.95 and it was finally sold away.

This also brings him closer to severing the ties with New York City completely. A city that began to dislike him, may soon begin to miss him for all the unpleasant deeds and speeches that e indulged in. Of course, nobody would want to remember either his ostentatious house or his person himself quite often. And just like the annoyances that he has caused, the house could be forgotten too.

Via: WSJ

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