Aircruise: A hotel on the clouds

People used to say that ‘don’t make castles on clouds’ in order to discourage people from thinking the impossible. But I think now that phrase needs to be marked off from the language as in the near future, one will be able to travel in utmost luxury in the skies! Yes, Nick Talbot, the man who designed the interiors of Virgin Atlantic’s first spaceship, has come up with a unique concept called Aircruise.

By looking at the picture you will notice that it is a kite shaped aircraft. But this is more than just a futuristic looking plane. It will be able to carry 396 tonnes of weight load, which means lots and lots of passengers. But the designer does not want too many passengers. Infact he created it as an antithesis to the crowded passenger aircrafts. He on the contrary, wants to go back to the past when travelling was more relaxed and even more romantic.

The design is like a luxury hotel complete with 50 rooms, duplex apartments, and even a bar! It will take flight with the help of hydrogen gas. The concept definitely is very interesting. Not sure if it will materialize, but it definitely has made us think about the future of luxury travel.

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