Japan hopes to attract Chinese Shoppers by loosening Visa regulations

The Chinese citizenry is fast becoming one of the biggest shopping group and all the countries I am sure don’t want to miss a piece of this pie. In other words, more consumers means more sale, which means more income for the national economy. Japan is acting fast, and has relaxed it’s visa regulations to tap this large consumer market, as many Chinese shoppers are intent on marketing in Japan.

This is their latest bid to boost the lack lustre economy. This policy was announced last month, and it basically sees the minimum required income required to get a visa reduced further. This means that millions of middle class Chine tourists will be able to visit the country. According to a report by Daiwa Securities, a large chunk of the Chinese visitors’ main purpose is shopping. Hence, there is a fair chance that this policy measure might actually work to the benefit of the Japanese economy.

The statistics for the period between January and May show that the number of Chinese tourists coming to the country was 600,000. This is a jump of an impressive 36 percent from last year. The figure is expected to rise to 1.5 million this year.

Via: Reuters

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