Enjoy rare scotch whiskies delivered at your doorstep all year long!

This one is for those who love their whiskey. They now have the chance to taste some of the most exquisite Scotch whiskies, selected by the experts who will roam the length and breadth of the country to find the perfect malts for you. And the best part is that you will able to taste them right in the comfort of your own house! Yes, by being members of the Whiskey Explorers Club, you will receive shipments of the rarest whiskies all through the year.

Now here is what they are offering: The Explorer Scout membership will get you a complimentary Glencairn nosing & tasting crystal glass or Celtic malts spirits glass. Members will receive a package containing four malt whiskies, six times a year. They will also receive a 10% discount on the market price. Members of the Explorer Sherpa group will have all the benefits if the Explorer Scout and will get three (three whiskies per time) shipments every year with a discount of 25% on the market price.

By taking the Explorer Guide membership, members will enjoy the same benefits as the members of Explorer Scout will. In addition, they will get six bottles, six times a year at a 15% discount rate. Prices of the rare whiskies will range from $75 to $175 inclusive of discount, plus taxes and shipping.

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