Lexus comes out with its most expensive model yet: The LFA

Ferrari has got competition now, and Lexus is the one giving it. The latest Lexus model LFA, at 202 miles-per-hour is priced at $375,000 and is touted to rival the $320,000 Ferrari 599 GTB. There are 3 drivable LFA models, which are in USA, Japan and Europe. Till now, the hybrid LS 600h L executive sedan was the most expensive Lexus model.

It has leather seating and Alcantara, with automatic seats and navigation like the LS 600h L executive model. The new luxurious model however, is not a hybrid. It’s got awesome carbon ceramic brakes, swollen tires for better performance and a powerful, 552-horsepower V-10 engine that enables the car to reach a speed of 60 mph in a mere 4 seconds! This car doesn’t really match the kind of cars the company is known for, but its main motive seems to be to showcase its design and performance standards, which might brighten the company’s lesser vehicles.

Lexus plans to manufacture just 500 cars of this model over the next 2 years, with production starting in December. Of the 200, about 175 will come to the U.S., with a choice of customized interiors and exterior colours. Don’t expect to find one in the neighbourhood.

Via: Bloomberg

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