London’s Rich & Famous Now Have ‘Picnic Butlers’ At Their Side For A Perfect Luxurious Picnic

One of the most luxurious and high end hotels in England, The Lanesborough Hotel has now introduced an all new luxury package for the rich and affluent client list that begets a pampering and an exclusive treatment. Located in Knightsbridge, The Lanesborough Hotel provides a unique service called, ‘picnic butler’, where in the guests will be able to enjoy a traditional British picnic and experience the royal treatment, for which Britain is famous for. The ‘picnic butler’ service will be available from May to August this year.

As per the package, the picnic butler will proactively arrange all the required components for a picnic in the Hyde Park, that would include crystal glasses, china, rugs and napkins. After the picnic is over, the butler can be summoned with a phone call and would then clear away the picnic spot. The picnic butler package from The Lanesborough is available to all luxury seekers, regardless of their affiliation with the hotel and comes with a price tag of $379 along with an option of a personal consultation to choose the menu.

The cuisines for the picnic butler package are prepared by the chefs of the hotel and the menu includes Cornish poached lobster with Beluga mayonnaise, balotine of truffled foie gras and Cropwell bishop stilton trifle with pear marmalade and oatmeal sable.

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