Dine & Watch A Movie in Style At Gold Class Cinemas In Texas

The world of luxury and exclusivity that has touched so many aspects of our lives, has now made its way to one of the simplest recreation activities, that is going to a movie hall. The Gold Class Cinemas in Austin, Texas has now introduced an all new service in the its facility in Austin, where in the movie goers are treated as with luxury and style. This cinema halls provides its patrons with a unique opportunity of ordering food and drink right to their extremely comfortable reclining seats, while they watch their favorite movie.

This all new service has been described as being ‘equivalent to flying first class’ and eliminates the need of standing in long and arduous queues. Movie goers can reserve their seats and book the tickets in advance and on the screen day, they are immediately ushered in a lounge, where then can order drinks.

When the movie is about to start, the patrons are admitted into the movie hall, which contains a maximum of 40 reclining seats, that come with a small table and a ‘Call’ button, with which the movie goers can summon the waiting staff and order dinner and drinks. The patrons can even ask for a pillow or a blanket. This highly luxurious movie going experience comes at a price of $29 per ticket, which is about three times the price of a conventional movie hall ticket.

At the Gold Class Cinemas, the entrées cost about $14 and the appetizers are given a price tag of $12. The menu designed for this incredible experience includes appetizers burgers,  New York strip steak sandwich and house-made beignets for dessert. The patrons also have the option of making a choice from 30 varieties of wines and two dozen brands of beer.

According to Mark Mulcahy (V.P, MArketing, Gold Class Cinemas),
“Austin is a city that likes unique experiences. The city has this incredible background in film. There are tons of filmmakers in Austin. ‘s the perfect place for Gold Class, with a lot of people who seriously love movies.”
Via Statesman

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