Glamping: Now enjoy a camping trip with all the comforts of a 5-star hotel (almost)

When one thinks about camping, a very deglamorized picture comes to our head. Now delete that unglamorous picture from your head cause “glamping” is here! Yes people, you can now go into the wild without coming back home looking like a cave man/woman. Glamping, as the name suggests is a combination of glamour and camping. It is quickly becoming popular as one gets to enjoy nature without going too “wild”.

The name that has come up with this burgeoning trend is Far and Away Adventures. These people specialize in high-end luxury vacations along Idaho‘s Salmon River. Now they have elaborated their fun schemes and are offering a customizable glamping, that also includes whitewater rafting package called American Safari.

What is so glamorous about all this you might ask. The American Safari includes stand-up tents with interior tent rugs, comfortable elevated beds, exterior solar lights, steamed hand towels and shower. You also get to enjoy organic, gourmet meals by the candlelight on white tablecloths, fine china. Wait, there is more! You will also have a personal sommelier! Tired of all the luxury? Relax with a riverside massage therapy and personal concierge service.

The American Safari runs for 6 days and 5 nights, and during this period you can choose your activities and adventures. The cost will depend on the customized services that you opt for. It definitely sounds like the perfect trip!

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