This Chronometer Puts All the Flashy Colors to Shame

This watch is a perfect example of the fact that any flashy hue can jibe with the color black and when the combination is red & black it perfectly accentuates your hidden dark side. The watch in the picture is a mere discovery by Watchismo, this fascinating chronometer was found in a modest watch shop at Las Ramblas (Spain).

The attraction of this enticing piece is not only limited to its bold striking colors, but there is something in its dial which will superfluously grab everybody’s attention. The two tiny rotating dots in the dial of this watch make this watch a “mystery machine”, as looking up time in the watch is not going to be an easy task, but that doesn’t keep it from being a knock-out.

The dimensions of this watch are 45mm x 45mm and its stainless steel frame prevents it from being vulnerable to corrosion. If the colors black and red remind you of Sodom and Gomorrah then you could go for the black and blue combination! The ‘666’ present in the center of the dial makes this watch full of the devil. It is available in five colors and is priced at $249.

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