Will You Carry Your Kid In A Carbon Cradle?

The most unconditional is the love of parents. Every moment of the day a mother is concerned about the well being of her child. Father gets him everything he wants. All they want is the most comfortable life for their lil ones. Especially when they are really young, parents take extra care of them. They buy every product after much consideration right from a baby shampoo to a quilt, from a toy to a cradle. It’s the most comfortable and the safest thing that they want for a piece of their heart.

Here’s another new product for babies, a Carbon Cradle. It is a unique basket made of carbon, strapped with leather and a cosy cotton interior. Designed by Julien Bernard, this cradle weighs just three kilos and claims to provide the baby with a cushiony feel.

It surely can be soft and comfy, but how comfy will be the parents to put their newly borns inside a Carbon Cradle? We all know that baby shopping is the most exciting thing for any set of parents. When the new parents are out splurging for their baby, they tend to go for the cutest thing in the showroom. It’s not just the functionality that they look for, but the beauty too. After all, they want to carry their baby in the loveliest basket, and not a leather strapped one.

So this basket can definitely score on convenience of carrying a baby, but might find it difficult to strike an emotional chord with the parents.

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