The Evolution Of Luxury Watches & Their Rise In The Importance In Social Circles

So, what makes the difference between a conventional watch and a luxury watch? The answer is, the design, craftsmanship and the precise features that make them remarkably superior to other watches. Long gone are those days, when a luxury watch was measured by the number of diamonds set inside the dial. Nowadays, as the consumer has evolved in to a more function minded individual, so has the luxury watches, as most of them have now been able to maintain a critical balance between style and usefulness. As long as these watches are able to provide incredible features, along with magnificent designs, upscale consumers have no discomfort in opening up their wallets.

With the immense and consistent advancements in technology, luxury watch makers are now able to give their creations more and more incredible mechanical features, all while retaining the visual appeal of the watches. Another factor that, filters luxury watches from the conventional ones, is their production. Such creations are never mass produced and are introduced only in a limited quantity to maintain their exclusivity. Unlike other watches sold in casual retail chains, luxury watches are provided special treatment and are sold only through exclusive brand names such as Patek Philippe,  Audemars Piguet, Richard Mille etc.

Today’s luxury watches are made from lightweight materials and are more inclined towards technological edge than, diamond or crystal studded looks. Precious metals such as Titanium, Platinum etc. are now being extensively used in such watches and such luxury watches can display different phases of the moon or provide users with split-second timing of racing laps with near hundred percent accuracy.

According to Michael Thompson (Editor, International Watch Magazine),

“There is a revolution in materials, and it is energizing designers. These watches are so light and wispy that when you have them on your wrist, you forget they are there.”

Via New York Times

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