50 Year Old Glenfiddich Wine Costs $16,000

If you were looking for an expensive wine that would suit your expensive tastes, you really should go ahead and get yourself the 50 Year Old Glenfiddich. The wine is 50 years old and was made for founder William Grant’s children. The unique spirit spent 50 years in 2 oak casks and an additional 6 months in an American oak barrel.

It has a well balanced and sweet taste that would make your mouth water. The Glenfiddich costs $16,000 and is one of the most expensive wines that you could ever drink today. It may not really be a great idea to drink it up, if you even buy it. It would make sense to store it for some more years and sell it to a discerning buyer for a higher rate.

It could be seen as a great investment of sorts and is a nice way to spend money in real. So go ahead and splurge all the money you have, but also know that the wine is in fact a great investment if you do not uncork it and drink it all up. It would be a great family heirloom as well, if it is left undrunk for decades together. Anyway, it depends on you!

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