Broadsword Handle Umbrella Is Inspired by the Excalibur

Umbrellas are some of the most popular devices in the world and no matter where you are you would be able to find one. They are used to fight not just rain but also sun. If you were tired of carrying the same old boring black umbrella, you could get a number of designs these days anyway.

However, the one that outdoes everyone is the Broadsword Handle Umbrella also known as the Excali-brella. It was inspired by the Excalibur of King Arthur and thus comes with the sword as the handle. The Umbrella has a black exterior and a silver interior and comes with a carrying case with a shoulder strap which is also the umbrella’s scabbard.

Thanks to injection molded plastic with a metalized finish you could expect your umbrella to be the most unique one on the street. However, I am not sure if you would be allowed on a flight if you carried this umbrella. It is almost a weapon and no airline would want its passenger carrying a sword in the guise of an umbrella, would they? This weird umbrella costs $39.99 and is quite a gift to buy.

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