Matchbox Toy Truck Fetches $15k

If you were wondering how you could add something to your arsenal that would fetch thousands of dollars many years later, you should try and build a matchbox model of something that you like. You would be surprised to learn that a rare 1955 prototype of a Matchbox Lesney dumper truck fetched an amazing $15,000.

It remained a miniature model and was never manufactured in real. It was on sale at the Harrogate. Apparently, the aged owner Mr. Yoshise decided to sell it before he kicked the bucket, to someone younger so that the matchbox model would not go to the soil along with him. An anonymous bidder announced that he would pay $15.053 and thus won the bid. The auction took place at Harrogate, North Yorks.

The auction also marked the Matchbox Club’s 25th and final annual convention. If you are good at building matchbox models, build a good one. Who knows when you are about to die and would like to leave something behind for your child, you could give the matchbox model and ask your left-behinds to sell it in an auction and try and make some money.

Via: Telegraph

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