GoldenStore offers you the world’s most expensive sheet of paper

Paper was one of the most ingenious inventions of man. To us today, it seems like an ordinary thing easily and quite cheaply available. However, such was not the case in the 14th and the following four centuries. In that day and age, paper was affordable only to the clergy, the nobility or the rich gentry!

No one hardly ever notices a sheet of paper these days due to its ready supply. But, the GoldenStore can offer us such paper that will make people stop and notice (if the quality or look of the paper is not enough to grab attention, the price tag surely will).

The Golden Store, a Germany based online shop for luxury goods, offers to all those who love the rare and the opulent, a very unique paper right from the pages of history! The paper has its origin from the 14th century. This limited edition comes from very rare and priceless private collection of such ancient paper.

Every single sheet of paper has its unique watermark guaranteeing authenticity. With word of love written on this exquisite piece of paper, one could gift it to a loved one. You could also impress a business partner by writing a contract on this exquisite paper. Those who can whip up $13,760 (EURO 10,000) can buy a sheet of paper from the GoldenStore.

Via:  GoldenStore , Pricy-Spicy

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