Pet High Chair: Where is CUPA When They Are Required?

If you are an animal lover, you would be horrified to know that the Pet High Chair forces your pet to stay in the chair and sit in an upright position when its body is not designed to do so. Thanks to the vanity and insensitive nature of humans, the Pet High Chair claims to bring the pet to the dinner table and apparently it will provide an alternative to sitting on your lap or running around.

It would also apparently confines the pet to the chair so that it can “eat like humans”. The weird product costs $49.95 and is one of the most inhuman gadgets that I have ever seen. If you would ever buy this for your cat or dog, you better report yourself to the nearest police station for animal cruelty.

The chair comes with 600-denier tan/brown nylon fabric and is a great way to show that you hate animals, and to torture the ones that are at home. I would rather force tie a human in a chair like this, and make sure they don’t move around much while I am having dinner. Humans could be so much more than some animals who run around. Or how about tying up annoying and gross children who do not learn to shut up while eating?

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