Baseball player Jason Giambi Spends $100,000 in Just a Night

Baseball player Jason Giambi looks pretty old in this picture, and of course as the decades roll by you would certainly look and feel a lot older. Now, the guy has to feel slightly younger than he actually is, shouldn’t he? All that he has now is money, and less youth. So he went and did just what he could to feel young: spend a lot of money! He spent $100,000 in just one night and let us see how did it.

If you didn’t know, he is the co-owner in the Hard Rock’s Vanity night club in Las Vegas. He spent the night gambling away in his own casino, and drank glasses of one of only 100 3-liter, gold sheathed, laser-etched bottles of 1995 Dom Perignon white gold Jeroboam. He also got his friends, enemies or whatever you could call them a three-night stay at Giambi’s nine-bedroom vacation villa in Cabo San Lucas villa.

His 11 guests were flown to the villa to be served by his caterers. The villa comes with gym, movie theatre, poker table, putting green and a split-level swimming pool area. Now, I don’t think he had a lot of fun with the $100,000. His friends must be laughing their butts out after the free ride. They sure owe him one for that!

Via: Luxist

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