Baselworld 2010: Tag Heuer Pendulum Concept Watch Announced

Baselworld 2010 has begun already and the event has generated enough press and has kept many watch and jewellery aficionados busy. The Tag Heuer Pendulum Concept Watch is one such watch that was unveiled at the Baselworld 2010. The design of the watch is such that it replaces the hairspring found in most automatic watches. What replaces that is the “invisible” or virtual spring derived from magnets. It oscillates and is a good time keeping device for houses.

Thanks to 4 high-performance magnets you could expect a Horological device that is par excellence. The oscillator is completely mechanical and it does not use any electronic or driven actuators. It brings back the glory of the 18th century when watch making was an art more than anything else, and thus watch lovers could hope that this concept would be manufactured.

It is not clear how much the Tag Heuer Pendulum concept watch is expected to cost, and when exactly it would be available, but you could always wait for the company to launch it in the market or you could keep visiting their website as well.

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