Panasonic Unveils Luxurious Massage Chair to Shoo Away Aching Joints

Of all the gadgets that I have come across, the most amusing is the massaging chair or massaging device. These devices not only make you feel good about your body, but they also bring you to the pleasurable climax. Panasonic has unveiled a cool new massage chair called the EP-MA70. It comes with the ability to give you the tailored massage you require.

Thanks to the built in ceramic heater, you could be pretty sure that you would get a reliable relief no matter where your joints hurt. The chair heats up your back, waist and shoulders along with your neck at a temperature of 40 degrees. It costs $4500 and could be the best gift you could give to someone who does not like real masseurs.

I still think it is always better to have a muscular and full bodied masseur instead of a machine that warms your butt. It would be unveiled on the 21st of April, and you could start saving up money to get this cool chair. Of course, it looks good too and could be what you needed to complete your health room, if you had something like that.

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  • Hi.
    i want to know where i found this chair in spain, andalucia , malaga, because i have my granmother, she needs the chair,, and do you have professional for look she after she buy one, she cant go out in the store. So, thanks for information,
    have a nice day….

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