Amanda Dunbar Unveils the Precious Rebels Collection of Guitars

If you were looking for guitars that are great to look at and play, you would normally buy something that is a high end product. However, if you were looking at buying guitars that were pieces of art, masterpieces of artists, you would certainly choose the Precious Rebels Collection which has been unveiled by Amanda Dunbar.

Using her skills in painting, stone lithography, copper plate etching and wood block she has created these magical guitars which come with sparking crystals and diamonds of all colours. There could not be a more luxurious or more elite guitar in the world, and to get to play a guitar like this would make you feel like a star even if you do not know how to play a guitar.

You could buy this as a family heirloom or something that is passed on for generations in the house. There is no information about its price, but trust me it is going to be really expensive since it comes adorned with diamonds and crystals. It could probably what the rockstars always wanted to buy, but did not have money to inspite of all the recording contracts.

Via: Scordatelo

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