Aestus Chagall Radiator Shines with a Golden Leaf

Winter might have come to an end but it is still cold in places, and there would again be another winter after 6 months or so anyway. In order to be prepared, you could invest in a fashion radiator and heat up your room the way celebrities do.

This cool radiator is designed with aesthetic sensibilities in mind and it almost looks fit enough for a king or a queen. Designer Anna Volta and Marilia Martina have designed the radiator with a Noir sable finish and golden leaf. It can develop a capacity of 1280 W and is also available in the electric version. Aestus Chagall Radiator, or that’s how it is called and it looks great and is available in 5 colours.

The colours include brushed, satin, aluminium, copper or silver leaf. It can be used for both electric and central heating systems and could be a great gift to someone who already does not have a good heating system. What is really striking is the minimalist designs that woos anyone who sees the radiator and makes them want to steal it and carry it away!

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