Elite Estate: Joe Calzaghe Buys Mansion in Barbados

Whoever thought boxing was all about punching and breaking a few teeth was really dumb. Most boxers make the kind of mo9ney that you could only dream, on the wildest of nights. As a proof to that fact, Joe Calzaghe has invested £1 million on a luxurious Barbados villa which has 4 lovely bedrooms and is located on the beautiful Ocean Drive. It is situated in the 750-acre Royal Westmoreland estate where you could enjoy lovely weather and great scenery.

An amazing golf course, swimming pool, chirping birds and fresh breeze are other things that you could expect, when you visit this lovely house. Of course, you would need to wait for the boxer to think about selling the house and until then, you could do some homework about different properties in Barbados.

Barbados is situated in the Caribbean and enjoys a salubrious climate and really beautiful beaches. There is also the resort gym close by, which is called The Sanctuary, and who needs to work out real hard when you could run around in the lovely gardens? This amazing piece of property is something to envy!

Via: Wales Online


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