The Marquis Collection is an Indulgence in Itself

THG has made it possible to bath like a king, if not live like one. The Marquis collection launched by THG takes royalty and luxury to a whole new level and intertwines the traditional Chinese designs with the chic French designs.

Enamel black and gold being the dominant colors in this luxury bath collection, it surely is a provocateur as it stimulates the dark side in you and makes your washroom a place where you can escape to and not escape from.

The imperial golden wash basins will make you feel no less than a king. Though the makers insist that this collection is inspired from the Chinese and French, but truly speaking, it reminds me of the golden era of Egypt. The color combinations, the choice of designs and the finishing of the bath tubs and basins will make you feel like an emperor and the tub, your throne.

Hints of Bernardaud’s china pattern will be seen in the whole collection. Scott Triethart, Sales manager of THG, USA, says “Our pairing with Bernardaud further communicates our core values of providing our customers with quality product that is synonymous with high art.”

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