Tesla Skeleton Tourbillion Packs in 1,000,000 Volts of Electric Charge

Tesla was a great Serbian scientist who still arouses feelings of patriotism among many sturdy Serbs. The scientist is famous for the Tesla Coils which form beautiful sparks at very high voltage. Using those beautiful sparks as an inspiration, the Tesla Skeleton Tourbillion by Artya Watch has been unveiled. It was unveiled at the Basel World 2010 and was sculpted with an electric charge of 1,000,000 volts.

Thanks to Valerien Jaquet’s technical expertise and Tinguely’s artistic approach, the sophisticated tourbillion movement is rendered through sapphire crystals, Tesla coil, barrel, mainspring, copper wires and electronic resistors. One could witness the exotic display of red, blue and green electrical cable between the rhodium plated gears. The Tesla Skeleton Tourbillion comes with an American cane toad skin strap, which is quite unlikely for a Horological machine.

Apparently, even the strongest of the lightening force cannot do damage to the American cane toad’s hide, according to an Amazonian legend. Only the most exclusive Parisian tanners can treat its hide to be used in the strap of the Tourbillion. There is no information about the price, but expect it to be really expensive.

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