Chic Accessories to Turn Bus Rides In to a Fun Activity

Using a bus to travel can never be a pleasant experience. There would never be enough places to hang your umbrella, to hold your hands in a supportive manner or even to clean your hands after touching the handle bars which would be contaminated by the germs of so many hundreds of people who would have come in to contact with it.

In short, a Bus journey is never pleasant. In order to change these perceptions and to make the bus journey more enjoyable, Daniel Nishiwaki and Flávia Loumy Kawasaki from Sao Paulo, Brazil have designed the “Bus Sweet Bus” project. Just like we say “Home Sweet Home”, one should be able to say “Bus Sweet Bus”! The project includes accessories for the bus that makes things easy for the passengers.

They have come up with “Frog’s Foot” which is an umbrella support, and also a hands support called “Hang Tight Cowboy”. The “Cleaner Goo” cleans your hands and disinfects it before you get down from the bus.

There would also be a cool “Reading Support” which would hold magazines in the right position. There is no anticipated price but governments could try these products in the fleet of buses in order to make journeys more comfortable.

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