The all Kitchen Dime From Splinter Works. Bringing Style To The Kitchen

One of the pioneers of the breathtaking kitchen furniture and decorations, Splinter Works has now released an all new multi purpose decorative piece of furniture for the kitchen area, called Dime. This magnificent and artistic masterpiece is the creation of Miles Hartwell and Matt Withington, two U.K based designers. The all new Dime can not only hold dishes, but ca also be placed in a living room, where it can be used a a coffee or tea station, quite like a bar. Due to its shape and the elegance the Dime has multiple uses such as, it can be used as a breakfast cabinet in a hotel or can even be converted into an telephone desk.

The Dime is made entirely from rosewood and this awesome multi-functional piece of furniture is composed of ten slice shaped blades, that open up to reveal a stone platform, ideal for storing purposes or to simply carry on a conversation, while making the Dime as coffee bar. Furthermore, when the Dime is not in use, the blades can be closed and turn the piece of furniture into an elegant and artistic show piece.

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