Mu Space concept music player: Switch into dream mode with the help of some gentle tunes

Listening to music as you slip into a nice and deserving little nap is a habit that many have and with the likes of iPod and scores of other MP3 players around, that comfort is already available in the form of headsets. But how about enjoying those harmonious notes without the discomfort of headsets stuck in your ears all the time? Mu Space is a concept music player that achieves exactly that and does it in a really cool fashion. This futuristic, bowling ball holder-styled music player opens up into a comforting pillow when you need to lay back and rest.

This little gadget not only provides a cozy headrest, but it also offers you streaming tunes without a plug-in into your ear. Not only is this ergonomic and hassle-free, but it also makes sure you do not damage your ears with excess volume. While the concept is for now just confined to Photoshop and not even a prototype is available, maybe big shots like Sony could make a sleeker and more sophisticated version of it… Maybe even with a digital holographic display in front of your eyes! Now that would be something really, really cool.

Whether it is in the coffee house, or late night nap, in office or at home, Mu Player could change the way you sleep forever.

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