Elite Estates: Make Yourself At Home In The $44.8 Million Estate

If you are looking for the ultimate in peace, serenity and a house to die for, the highly luxurious property at 440 Golden Gate Avenue is ideally suited to your needs, as the estates itself is a historic landmark and the entire house has been rebuilt occupying an astounding 9,000 square feet of space. For those who love to see a glorious sun rise, the house provides a picturesque view of the Golden Gate Bridge, Angel Island, and a harbor with two yacht clubs in it. The panoramic view will simply take your breath away and keep you spellbinded with the awe inspiring aura of nature’s beauty.

As the entire house has been rebuilt in the exact fashion as it originally was in the year 1895, the designers have been able to retain the colonial architecture, thus providing its occupants with a foyer, that has a grand staircase made entirely of bronze balustrade. The interiors of the house are also a marvel of luxury and history combined together, as the living room has been given a fireplace, carved out of exquisite Italian marble. The veranda of the house comes with Corinthian columns and wrapped around the house, along with moldings, bronze sconces and teak decking.

The neighborhood of 440 Golden Gate Avenue is equally classy, with more than 30% of the community earning a monthly income of more than $200,000 per household and the entire region has a population of just 13,000 residents.

Via Decker Bullock

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