Underwater plane: An Idea or Reality?

Did it ever cross your mind that there would come a time when people will be able to take a ride through the bottom of the ocean? This idea has now been materialized! Richard Branson has now launched his very own underwater plane!

Does it ring a bell? Well an underwater plane does everything that an aircraft does, but in case of the former the medium is different, its water. The billionaire has christened the underwater plane “Necker Nymph”.

This £415,000 creation can delve in the waters up to a depth of 130ft, but the owner does not seem quite satisfied with it, he wants to increase the craft’s capability to dive up to 35,000ft(hope he understands that the plane’s capability is in 3 digits now and we are talking 5 digits here!).

Mr. Branson also wants to commercialize his ‘underwater plane’ ride, limiting its access only to the visitors of the Necker Island. After having made billions, it seems he still wants to keep lolly pouring in from all the sides!

This plane is made up of carbon fibre and has a three seater cockpit. So, two people can take up a ride along with the pilot for two hours. This fighter jet look alike can provide you an experience of a lifetime.

Via: Daily Mail

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