Solar Pod Encourages Steamy Summer Trysts

MercuryHouseOne, designed by Architecture and Vision for the Venice Biennale is something that one should really pay attention for. It is better than living in a living room, which is so passé nowadays. It is a great example of what could be called as a mobile pod. The prefab pod comes with Carrera Italian marble and you could just laze around in there.

Moreover, the pod can be used under solar light or under the sun, and thus would work on alternate source of energy. It comes with great audio, video and lighting technology. You can use your helicopter or truck to transport it to another location. It could also be used in huge musical events where people can use it for eco-friendly entertainment.

In my opinion, it could be used for steamier purposes and since it is a pod, you could stay under the sun, and get busy with someone cute. It has great lighting technology and hence it would make it easier for you to seduce your guy and make him go all crazy over you. With great and luxurious furnishing inside, you would never be able to uncling from the person you are with, if you get inside the pod. It might get a little too comfortable though!

Via: Fast Company

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