Elite Esate: Social Networking Site for the Wealthy Brings Luxury Villa Lists

If you were wondering how to network with other rich people around you, you should go ahead and register on Affluence.org, which is a private social network for the wealthy. The eligibility criteria is that you should either have a net worth of $3 million or have an annual family income of $300,000. They have now teamed up with The Society of Leisure Enthusiasts and would now list out all the luxury villas for the rich and wealthy.

It would also include content from hotels, restaurants and vacation opportunities. The target audience includes millionaires, billionaires, entrepreneurs, entertainers, athletes and other people of wealth. The site also allows people of similar economic backgrounds to meet, make friends and hang out and perhaps enter into partnerships as well.

Networking is a very useful activity that you cannot sideline and you should definitely try this website if you are looking for something that you could purchase. Moreover, you could share information about properties and luxury villas which you otherwise may not be able to do so. So go ahead and register yourself on this website, and I am sure you will like it!

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