Indonesia Proposes Adoption Plans To Save Rare Sumatran Tigers

Since the phenomenon of global warming has picked up speed and the man’s uncontrolled colonization efforts continue to destroy acres of forests and green areas, the flora and fauna of our planet has been in under immense threat, as more more than species of plants and animals alike are getting loser to extinction. In an effort to preserve our ecology, governments around the world have been introducing programs to save these species.

In the latest drive to save the now extremely rare Sumatran tigers, the Indonesian government has now proposed an all new adoption program, under which, the government has provided the rich and the wealthy with the opportunity¬ ¬ ¬ to adopt these magnificent creates for $107,000 each. The proposal calls for the interested parties to deposit the above mentioned amount and then take home the Sumatra tigers whose numbers have drastically reduced due to deforestation and hunting.

According to Darori (Director General of Forest Protection and Nature Conservation, Forest Ministry, Indonesia),

‚ÄúThere are many orders from rich people who want them, who feel if they own a tiger they are a big shot. We have to take concrete steps to protect these animals. The cages are almost as big as my house. And because these people are rich, they will definitely give them good food.”

As per the rules and regulations, the adopted tigers will remain state property and have to be kept in a cage that need to be at a minimum of 16 feet by 19 feet by 32 feet. At any time, if the owners wish to abstain from their adoption pledges, the tigers will be returned back to the government and the cubs of the tigers, if any will also be owned by the government. However, even though it seems to be progressive idea, there has been intense criticism from animal rights organizations stating that, the government is trying run away from its responsibilities and instead of putting the tigers for adoption, the authorities should focus on the preservation of their natural habitat.

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