SS Delphine: The Historic 1920s Yacht Is On Sales

SS Delphine, which is one of the last great private steamships of the 1920s that was built for motorcar magnate Horace Dodge, is up for sale at a whopping $70 million. If you are a yacht enthusiast and if you have the money to spare then you might just want to consider this offer. SS Delphine, a 257 feet yacht was launched in the year 1921, and it was fitted out with an interior by Tiffany & Co. The beautiful and memorable yacht was constructed at the Great Lakes Engineering Works in Michigan.

The yacht has its own memorable history as it was pressed into service during World War II as the flagship of Admiral Ernest Joseph King, who was the Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Navy. Besides, Winston Churchill and President Roosevelt are believed to have met aboard SS Delphine prior to convening the Yalta Conference with Stalin in 1945.

Soon after this, the historical yacht fell into disrepair. It was a European clothing mogul who fully restored the yacht to her former glory including the steam engines but at the cost of $50 million several years ago. Hence, considering this fact, the current price tag of the yacht being sold at is relatively low. The yacht can accommodate 26 guests and 28 crew members. It has a music salon, a cinema theatre, a fitness centre, a spa with sauna, a separate smoking room, a swimming pool and other original fixtures like the telegraph machine, which is placed in the mahogany pilothouse. This is simply an awesome yacht.

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