Presenting The World’s First Fashion Conscious Super Car

At the Valenza Gioielli 2009, which is one of the most prestigious international exhibitions for haute jewelery, a team of some of the finest and most experienced automobile experts unveiled the all new drop dead gorgeous Over P001 GBF super car. This one of a kind powerhouse on wheels is the perfect blend of exquisite luxury and state of the art engineering. The dream come true of one of the most renowned names in international motor racing, José Froilán González (Pampas Bull) of Argentina and the legendary automotive engineer and a former Ferrari employee, Giotto Bizzarrini, the Over P001 GBF is one of the most unique and extremely powerful cars in the world.

The all new super car sports a Maserati Formula 1 250F.1 engine, that has been famous all across the racing world as for being the heart behind Pampa Bull’s historic Formula 1 championship win for Team Ferrari in the year 1957. This awesome engine has now been installed into a highly innovative and stylish chassis, the brainchild of Mr. Bizzarrini and has created an artistic concept that goes well beyond measure. The Over P001 GBF is door less and extremely streamlined vehicle that boasts of sheer luxury and unmatched performance. The interiors of the car are furnished from one of the most exquisite and rare metals of all, Platinum that has been used in abundance for this awesome concept car. The steering wheel, gearstick and the star shaped dashboard switches are adorned by Platinum and the metal has also left its shiny impression on the exterior of the car well, giving a simply heavenly look to the car’s nose, the mascot, the petrol and oil caps and the wheel hub caps.

However, one of the most breathtaking work of engineering can be seen in the exhaust system of the Over P001 GBF, as the exhaust pipes of the car are directly linked with custom-designed non-polluting platinum catalytic converters, thus making one of the most environmental friendly racing vehicles of all time.

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