Elite Estates: Brand New Luxury Villas In Seychelles For The Ultimate Comfort

One of the few places that can truly be called, heaven on earth, Seychelles, is known for its incredible natural beauty and is perhaps the most preferred tourist destination, especially for the rich and the famous. This archipelago nation that is comprised of 115 islands is the ultimate tourist destination and the one place where a person should definitely own a villa, to truly get in touch with peace, serenity and all the wonders of nature.

The island of Zil Pasyon in Seychelles is one of the most frequented and also one of few islands that are witnessing development at a rapid pace. Keeping in the mind its incredible popularity, Zil Pasyon and one of the most renowned yacht makers, Sunseeker have announced the all new range of luxury residences on the island, that would now come with a yacht as part of the package. These villas mark the epitome of luxury and provide the most unique comfort and an a chance for its owners to get in tune with natural beauty around them. With the 21 state of the art and beautifully designed villas, customer will be given the best in comfort and 7 star services.

The all new villas offered by Zil Pasyon and Sunseeker are also unique in ownership, as the customers would only need to pay only a sixth fraction of the total amount and leave the care taking responsibilities on the companies. The range of luxury house begin from a three bedroom luxury villa along with a Manhattan 52 Sunseeker Yacht for $1,240,200 and then comes five-bedroom villa, that is complemented with a 30 meter Sunseeker Yacht, which is available with the price tag of a whopping $ 3,916,493.

Via Signature Residences Worldwide

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