Tom Cruise Buys $30,000 Car for Suri, His Daughter

Tom Cruise is known for his eccentricities and in fact eccentricity is an understatement. He can attack Oprah Winfrey and shove the anti-psychiatry nonsense on people’s faces in the name of his “religion”. However, he is also exceedingly cute and adorable, and even more exceedingly annoying of course.

Thus, he has shelled out $30,000 for a miniature replica of a freaking open-wheel racer for his 3 year old daughter Suri. Suri Curise may have been mesmerized by the cars she saw on the T and asked her celebrity dad for one, which means she will certainly get what she wants. Nevertheless, it is perhaps something that Suri needs to escape from the eccentricities of her household.

In fact, the miniature open-wheel racer could just be what the doctor ordered for the kid who needs speed as a reason to escape from the horrifying realties that adults shove on their kids. Or just maybe, Tom Cruise decided one day to spend 30,000 dollars as he felt the need to show the world that he is a responsible and loving father. I would so love to get one for myself, though I am too old for miniatures.

Via: Jalopnik

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  • I think that Tom Cruise is the greatest Hollywood actor i have ever seen…and his looks belongs to movies not male models.

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