Ice Age Bear, Victorian Letter Boxes and Downing Street Sign to be Auctioned off at Bonhams

Bonhams is a well known auctioneer and they deal with fine art and antiques. They have been around since 1793 and this time around, the General Election phoney war will allow them to create a buzz about British political history. Thus, there is going to be a lot of interesting stuff that would be auctioned off.

Famous street sign among lots in annual Gentleman’s Library sale includes a 19th century Downing Street road sign. Downing Street is one of the most famous streets of the world. There would also be an outstanding antique letter boxes which would be auctioned off. These come from the Victorian times. The road signs are expected to fetch £4,000 to £6,000.

An enormous ice age cave bear would also be auctioned off. I would say, all this leads to a great antique sale and if you have the cash, you could go ahead and contact Andrew Currie on 0207 468 5871 or It would be amazingly cool to get the road signs home or even the ice age cave bear, which I am sure would no longer be warm and cuddly.

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