U.S.-made Hamilton Metalplane expected to Fetch $1 Million

U.S.-made Hamilton Metalplane was purchased by Canadian forestry officials 80 years ago. It was one of the firs planes that flew across the vast northern nation and is now3 being auctioned off as an antique. It has been meticulously refurbished and is flyable as well!

It would be auctioned off and is expected to fetch $1 million. The metal plane has changed hands several times in its history of 80 years. It is also flight worthy and can be bought in order to celebrate the pioneering days of the flying technology. It is almost a legacy and heritage plane which would surely attract the attention of the bigwigs across the world.

The 6 day Barrett Jackson sale begins on the Jan. 18 in Scottsdale, Ariz. It would be auctioned off there, and its antique looks and charming vintage appearance will charm anyone who lo0ves aircrafts. If you are such a person who loves aircrafts, you should at least visit the auction if you can’t afford to purchase it. In fact if you can purchase it, I am sure it would fetch more money in the future and could be a family heirloom.

Via: National Post

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