CES 2010: Panasonic Plasma HDTV Measures 152 Inches

If you always wanted your gadgets to be larger than life, you very well would like this amazingly large Panasonic plasma HDTV. It has a screen size of 152 inches and you could easily fit in nine 50 inch TVs in it. It measures 6.5 feet tall, 11.5-feet wide and would be mass produced soon.

It comes in a high definition format called 4k and that can be translated as 4096 x 2160 pixels. With a wider 17:9 aspect ratio, you could expect it to be one of the most expensive HDTVs ever to be released. It can be used in commercial settings, Hollywood studios, small theatres and even at home, if you have a large enough Audio/Video room, or if you have the moolah.

However, the prices could come down and you could turn your wall into a 11.5 feet wide screen, and that itself would be your A/V room! There is no information about its price ad it is expected to be mass produced in a year, so by the time of 2011, you might just be able to get it. It is one of the coolest displays I have ever come across, and if you believe in luxury, this is the product you should be buying!


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  • As soon as you guys get a price send an email to the address listed. I saw a 70 inch Samsung LCD for 49,999.99, so I am ready for this unimaginable price.

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